Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 16 - Up, Up, and Away We Go!


My first plane trip! I was so excited about getting ready for the trip - but to actually get to the Seatac airport and get ready to go on a plane... WOOO HOOO! Our buddies Wendy (not my Wendy, but another Wendy) and Mark drove us to the airport, and the adventure started!
Getting through security was a breeze! I was tucked into a backpack, sent on the belt, and through the x-ray machine I went! No problem! Maybe they see little monkey faces in the x-ray machines all the time, and they know that sock monkeys do not pose any threat to our national security!

The view from the window was wonderfully exciting! I didn’t get to keep looking out the window because someone else got that seat, so I decided to just sit on Wendy’s lap and enjoy the trip. But the flight from Seattle to Detroit was a bit of a long one. I was able to peek out the window across the aisle to see Mt. Rainier (WAY cool!), but after that there was nothing to see.

Ken did his best to keep me entertained with some card games. I played a couple of games of solitaire and then Ken played 5 Card Stud with me. That was a new one for me, and I kept my best poker face on, but he won. 
To pass the time, I played a couple of games on Wendy's iPhone. I watched a Popeye cartoon about him and Bluto fighting over Olive Oyl AGAIN - and there were even PLANES in the cartoon! I LOVED it! I had my cookies and donut snack while watching the movie.
Like I said, it was a long flight and, well, with the baby crying in the row behind us, I found it hard to concentrate on the movie and even on my snack. I played with my puppy – his name is Puppy - for a bit. Then I tried to balance my football on my feet without dropping it. 
I was running out of things to do to amuse myself, when this really nice guy sitting next to us - Jeff (who happened to be the guy also sitting in the window seat) - asked if I would like to watch the movie he had on his laptop. What a nice guy! He put the headphones on me so that I could actually hear the words, and it was a lot of fun.
Before I knew it, we landed in Detroit! Okay, I took a little nap for a while - kind of lulled to sleep by the baby who wouldn't sleep. When we got into the terminal, it was pretty late. In fact, there was nobody around. We were one of the very last flights in that night.
While Wendy and Ken were figuring out where to find the luggage, I took a few minutes to sit and think about the plane ride and making a new friend along the way. Jeff was pretty cool, and maybe I will grow up to be a computer programmer just like him!
After quite a bit of shlepping and walking, we got to the hotel. By the time we got settled, I was EXHAUSTED! I stretched out on the couch to just chill for a bit, and the next thing I knew, Wendy was tucking me in for the night, with Puppy and my baby sock monkey – his name is Baby.
I fell asleep thinking about my adventures, how good it is to be out of the box and on the road, and my nice new friend Jeff. I could not help but fall asleep with a smile on my face.

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