Sunday, July 11, 2010

Clip, clip here... Clip, clip there!

Saturday I started the big preparations in earnest (no monkey-pun intended!). Ken was getting his haircut at Elements Salon in Renton, and I realized that it was not a half-bad idea for me to get a trim along with him! After all, it has been a really long time since a scissors came close to me. My first haircut, at age 25, and I'm lucky enough to have such a cutie pie do the trimmin'! She gave me a flat-top - not unlike a good old fashioned summer buzz cut! To be honest - I now have a crush on Danyel. (I go bananas just thinking about her!)

I wasn't very good at the small talk, as one might expect. I DID really like wearing the shiny cape! (Maybe I should think about getting a superhero outfit so I can wear a cape all the time... but attached in the front instead of the back, because it probably would be hard to fly with the cape in my face.)

It may be another 25 years until the next haircut... because I'm a sock monkey and my hair grows slowly. Darn it! Maybe I'll see if she can do my nails or give me a facial or maybe help with my eyelashes... I like Danyel. My first crush! This IS going to be a good adventure!

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