Saturday, July 10, 2010

Adventure on the horizon...

Wooooo Hooooooo! 
I'm going on a vacation to MICHIGAN! 

Hey there, cousins! I'm Ernest Floyd Rapscallion - my friends call me "Ernie" and I was just named for Ernie Harwell, may he rest in peace! Until this year, I was just called "Monkey" so this name thing is a big step on the evolutionary trail for me. Somewhere in 1985 or maybe it was 1986, I was sewn, stuffed, played with, slept with, and cuddled. Those were the good years with Frannie and Jesse. But then, things changed. Somewhere along the way, I was put into a storage box. I call those my "Dark Days" . . . for somewhat obvious reasons.

But joy of joy, the light returned! In Fall 2009, I was set free from the closed box, and I made the journey with Wendy on her Westward Wanderings - along with several other sock monkeys and their friends. Wendy and her buddy Ken have decided that now it's time for me to not only be out of the box, it's time for me to take in the sights! Hey, I'm a quarter of a century old... it's time that I started to see the world!

We're a bloggin' kinda family, so I'm going to journal my odyssey and the odd things I see starting...... NOW!

It's just a few days until the adventure begins, and preparations need to be made! I am going to Detroit! This will be my first plane trip (my trip west was via box in a truck), and I am getting my act together to get it on the road! Keep tuned in and share the adventure with me, please!

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  1. Hey Ernie!!! Nice to see you are going to tell everyone about our trip. I can't wait! I left Michigan in 1986...probably around the time you were born. In the 23 years since I left I have been back only once...and that was in July of 2006...the year my beloved Tigers went to the World Series. Perhaps our trip together this July will bring them luck again!!! (But they better pull it together this time once they're at the Big Show!)

    Anyway...I'm happy to have company this time on my trip with you and Wendy. It's only a week but I'm thinking we are going to have a wonderful time.

    OK...I'd love to write more but there's lots to do to get prepared for the trip. I'll be checking in on your perspectives over the coming days and weeks. Let's have fun!!!!!