Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hot off the Presses! "Ernie's Special Summer Day!"

HOORAY! My first book has been published! If you have been following my blog, you might remember some of the fun times in this little story. Here's the story...

Ernie the Sock Monkey wakes up one morning, wondering what lies ahead. On this very special summer day, he goes to the beach, rides bicycles, meets a great big bear that loves to read, plays on playgrounds, visits a fair, and eats some yummy food! Most importantly, he makes many new friends. This joyful, cozy, and colorful photo picture book is for all ages of children - and their special adults - as you share this exciting tale from the perspective of a great storyteller... Ernie the Sock Monkey! You and your child will want to be friends with Ernie too, after spending this very fun and exciting day with him!

So, grab your mouse and get ordering today! You can order right from this link - - as well as on If you are in Michigan or Washington and are interested in a book signing event, well, I'm ready, pen in hand (well, sorta!). Please contact me at Ernie [ at ] ! Stock up now for the holidays, okay? OKAY!