Friday, December 17, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend with My Peeps

The nicest thing about the holidays is having the time to visit with friends, chill out, and have fun. Okay, I'm a sock monkey, so my entire existence is about having fun, when you get right down to it. This year, I decided to kick off the "official" season by spending quality time with folks who I enjoy.

On Thanksgiving Day, I asked Wendy & Ken if I could have a bunch of my sock monkey friends over. They were happy to see me have some pals over, and they said they were looking forward to meeting them. 

Ahda, the lovely lady with the bow on her head and apron on her body, is my best friend. She joined the family when in 2004, she was brought to cheer Wendy on in her Breast Cancer 3Day Walk, all the way from New York. Wendy's best friend is also named Ahda. How odd! My other friends who were visiting that day have just kind of arrived in my life, some old, some newer. But all really nice, fun, intelligent sock monkeys. And they like to be cozy! 
We watched the Thanksgiving parades on the television for a while. I don't understand why they don't have giant sock monkey balloons in these parades... We're so CUTE! The parades were fun, and when they were over, we just sat and chilled out in front of the fire for a while. It became obvious that Wendy and Ken were not going to cook a turkey, and pretty soon we all started getting a little hungry. 

After everyone left for their respective Thanksgiving plans, we were surprised by a visit by Santa Sock Monkey! Baby and Puppy were giddy with delight! We all posed for a picture before Santa went on his way to HIS Thanksgiving plans (I hope he was going to eat something, as he is pretty skinny!). This sure was a lot easier trip to see Santa than if we had to talk Wendy and Ken into driving us to the mall!

As afternoon started to turn to evening, I asked Puppy and Baby to join me in some quiet pre-holiday moments just looking at the fire. I am a really lucky and happy sock monkey, and I am really grateful for all of the fun this year - it's nice to be out of the basement box and into the real world with friends and family!

I'm looking forward to more holiday adventures... with some human friends, too!

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