Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cool Beans! Art and Sunshine in Seattle

It was a beautiful day in the Seattle neighborhood of SoDo (South Downtown, to you tourists!) - not a cloud in the sky, a very comfortable and not humid 80ish temperature! Perfect weather for this sock monkey! Ken works at what he calls "the Mother Ship" - Starbucks Headquarters. Each summer they have a fun exhibit of artwork and music by "partners" - employees, to the rest of us! (When Ken told me I'd be meeting some partners, I was kinda hoping to have them sashay up to me, with bandanas, Stetsons, chaps, and spurs that jingle jangle jingle, saying things like, "Howdy, Pilgrim!" or "I think I'll hole up in the saloon!" or "Yeeehah!"... but I didn't see any of those partners. Maybe I need to go to West Seattle....) Ken has been a Starbuckian for about 11 years, and this exhibit was a great opportunity to show of his painter side!

He took some time to explain his "Favorite Things" painting to me, when he caught me trying to sneak off with one of the kettles to get some water. I know that there is another famous artist who DOES paint sock monkeys. Actually, he doesn't actually paint sock monkeys; he paints images of sock monkeys. 

I met some lovely people there too and had some conversation. In real life, those Starbuckians actually don't always talk in confusing ways - they say what they mean. I didn't hear anyone say anything referring to me as Tall (when I am small) or saying that it was a Grande day... I met Courtney, Ken's teammate, who told me that she is following my blog. And then I met this very cool partner lady - Krista LaFontaine-Williams - with some of her puppet friends. Krista was kind enough to pose for a picture with me in the lovely landscape of her puppet show! Do you know that I was able to see her pick up the Pink Flower puppet... and I think I saw that her body is a SOCK!!! Oh my goodness! A SOCK COUSIN!!!! To be honest, I liked Pink Flower and Krista - but the Queen kinda scared me...

Today is a packing day. Going to run out and pick up a few more things for my trip. I cannot wait to go through the metal detector and x-ray machine tomorrow!

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