Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Looking Back While Looking Forward to Detroit

Over the past week or so, Ken has been searching through albums and computer files for gems to bring to his family reunion in Michigan. Wendy was digging in boxes looking for some old photos to put on Facebook. Listening to Wendy prattle on about how excited she was to see her family, friends, and familiar places, it made me think about my stuffed animal life. I was sitting there, staring into space, feeling a little like a Missing Link or a monkey without a past. 

But then Wendy yelled, "OH MY GOD!" and nearly scared the stuffing out of me! She ran into the room to show us my first - and only - baby picture! Here I am in the picture, with Aunt Ellen helping me talk with Frannie! There on Aunt Ellen's couch in Huntington Woods, we were obviously in a very fun conversation. I was so new then! I still had the pom pom on my head and the red yarn at my wrists and ankles. (Hmmmm. I wonder why and when those left my body!) I am so very excited to have my own family album. Okay. It's hardly an album. It's one photo. But it's my history! Me and my Frannie! My joy was nearly boundless when I noticed that my old friends Bert, Ernie, and Cookie Monster were also in this picture! Friends, Family, and Familiar Places FOR ME!!!! When Wendy posted it on Facebook, I felt all warm and fuzzy - which is exactly how a stuffed sock monkey should feel, I'm thinkin'!

Gotta run to help Ken with his art show at Starbucks today. Then... tonight... I start packing my bag for Detroit! Woot woot woot!!!!

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