Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 22 - Sitting at the Kids' Table


One of the best things about this trip is that I have had play time with little kids! I had pizza and fun with my little cousins Shayna, who is 3, and Seth, who is nearly 2. They are GREAT players! While we waited for the pizza to be delivered, Seth made sure that I had my fill of toppings from Shayna's play pizza. It actually worked out pretty good because I was pretty hungry, and I'm a sock monkey, so pretend eating is A-OK with me! And Seth was a very good server.

Then Shayna decided that I would look beautiful wearing her crown. I tried to be a good sport about it, even though headbands give me headaches. I also got a ride around the living room in a stroller. I was pretty exhausted by the time the doorbell rang and the pizza arrived.

After dinner, I sat down at the kids' table with them. WOW! Are they good artists! I didn't know how to hold a crayon, and Shayna was very nice and showed me how to color. I liked my artwork a lot. I asked Wendy if we could take it home and put it on our 'fridge. Shayna is a very good teacher, and Seth is a very impressive artist.

I love little kids. They remind me of playing with Frannie and Jesse when they were little. Those were the good old days. And these are the good new days!

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