Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 17 - Food and Family in Royal Oak

I woke up refreshed and ready to start my very busy day! We got the rental car, and Wendy let me help her drive! Well, I know I wasn’t really driving, but it was a kick to be on the stick and make ‘vroom ‘vroom noises and pretend I was AJ Foyt! You know, that KIA sock monkey is not the only sock monkey who gets to drive! And – not just because I’m in Detroit – I drive American! I was happy to be in Chrysler PT Cruiser again - just like the good old days!

Fortunately for me, Wendy drove to Leo’s for breakfast. Even though I’m truly stuffed all of the time, I was pretty hungry. Their menu is huge, and I had a hard time choosing my breakfast. I was looking at the menu when Ken said, “Hey, Ernie – The salad on the menu looks like you!” By golly, he was right! That salad is darn adorable!

I was overwhelmed with joy to see my boy – Jesse! It has been years since we have played together. He had a big show with his band in the evening, so we didn’t have much time to play. Jesse took me to one of his favorite Royal Oak eateries – Beyond Juice, where you can – get this! – “get a meal in a cup!” No kidding! They serve smoothies that have just about anything healthy – or not – in them! Jesse let me taste his favorite one – with coffee AND bananas and a whole lot of other stuff in it. Other than it giving me an ice cream headache, it was delicious! I like Jesse because he likes to share. And he’s a really great player.
Frannie’s husband (yes! That little girl is old enough to have a husband!) came to meet us at Beyond Juice. He brought a lovely woman with him – his sister-in-law Jen. We took a picture all together. Jen is the very smiley lady on the left. She lives in Wyoming, and she was visiting Detroit to see family. You know, Jen doesn’t have a blog about her travels, so I thought she absolutely needed to be in mine!

Sunday was a very full day, so I opted to not stay up late and see Jesse play in the Concert of Colors show. Even sock monkeys need to get their beauty sleep!

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