Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 24 - Part 1 - As the trip winds down...


The last day of our trip was here. I was pretty sad when we got all packed up to go, and part of the reason was because Spider-man was on TV and they made me turn it off. I really like that movie, and the only reason I didn't pout was because Wendy and Ken told me I had a surprise coming very soon. 

We went to this big mall and they bought me a Detroit Tigers uniform and a Tigers t-shirt for my souvenirs! I couldn't wait to wear it, so we put it on - and they even got me a bat, a ball, and a mitt! I've been singing John Fogerty all day, "Put me in, Coach... I'm ready to play...today... look at me... I can be... Centerfield!" I would have also clapped at the right places, but sock monkey hands don't make much noise so it seemed silly to do. Anyway, I looked very official - just like the guys I saw the other night at the game! I love baseball! I am a sock monkey of summer, that's for sure!

Aunt Dale and Uncle Rod met us for sushi. It was great to see them again. It was also great to get some sushi! I had been practicing my chopstick skills all vacation, since Ken LOVES sushi and he had already had a couple of coney dogs, so I knew we'd be chowing down on some sushi soon! I even shared some with Puppy. He is not a good sharer, and he wanted to put wasabi on everything so that I wouldn't eat it. AND he kept saying in a really deep voice, "Wasabi, Ernie? Wasabi, Ernie?" over and over, and thinking he was really funny, and it was so annoying. That's the last time I go to lunch with Puppy!
As if Wendy and Ken didn't have enough to eat, they decided they had gone a full week without visiting Starbucks. Luckily there was one right near the sushi place, so in we went! It was so cool! I mean, really too cool - it was 90+ degrees outside but inside it was like when they put the word COOL in those icy letters... I wished I had my sweater with me, but it was packed in the car.

We all know that Starbucks has great coffee, but I gotta tell you, those yummy baked treats looked good! I hadn't had any sweets since my chocolate chip cookies in Beulah, and I wanted a brownie! Wendy suggested we start with coffee and then see if we were still hungry (I think she meant ERNIE when she said "we"...). Then she said I still had some doughnuts of my own in my backpack, and that if I wanted sweets, I could have a couple of those.  

I met these really nice baristas - Jen, Sophany, and Parker. They let me sit back by the cups and pretend I was a barista, too. Jen is a Coffee Master and it said so on her pretty apron, and so I thought she might have some wise things to say like Yoda. When Parker started making my coffee, I dashed around to the other side of the counter - so I could be a barista AND a customer... the total Starbucks experience! A really nice lady, Terri, held me up so I could get my coffee. Then I helped her get her order. 
While I had my coffee and doughnuts, I read the packages of coffee and learned a lot. I also learned that Wendy and Ken split a brownie... the exact one I had been looking at. I asked them how it was, and they said that the real food was, in fact, simply delicious - just like the napkin says it is! 
I love Starbucks. The people are so friendly - on both sides of the counter! Next time WE go to Starbucks, though, WE are getting a brownie for OURSELVES!

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