Monday, June 13, 2011

My Magic Kingdom Aventure, Part 3

Well, to say that I had SO much to do and SO many people to meet at the happiest place on Earth... DISNEYLAND! The best part of it was being able to be in this great place where "pretend" is the preferred way to be!

Disneyland is set up so that you can go from place to place, pretending to be in different lands. Tomorrowland was pretty cool - all this futuristic stuff. It was pretty cool, but there was not a lot of tomorrow-y things to do there. I mean, there were not space boys and space girls walking around. So we stayed just a little while, until I asked if we could go pretend somewhere else.

The next place we went to was Frontierland! Well, I could have stayed there for the WHOLE TIME! There were cowgirls and lizards to talk to, and lots and lots of things to see there! There were cannons, and wagons, and stores, and saloons! It was a hustling, bustling town, where I could enjoy myself for a very long time!
No, really. I was not wanted! I was just - you guessed it - pretending!
We visited Tarzan's Tree House (excellent choice, if I do say so myself!). Then we watched the boat on the river, and then we made a quick visit to the Tiki Tiki Room... but I was too hungry and tried to get some bananas from some guy Rongo who didn't want to give them to me...

There are so many ways to get around in Disneyland! The train is very cool, and I met some new friends were were passengers like me... and who worked the train... like I would like to some day!

We found new friends everywhere we went, including a very helpful bear who was a big boost to me when I was trying to find Wendy and Ken!

At the end of the day, we were pretty tired. But not too tired to take in a movie, starring one of my cousins! It was a wonderful couple of days, filled with fun, climbing, excitement, music, and new friends. I can't wait to go again!