Saturday, December 25, 2010

Holiday hanging out with Samantha and Sean

I don't know a whole lot of kids out here in the Pacific Northwest - not like in Michigan. So when Samantha and Sean asked me if I wanted to go holiday shopping with them, and then ride on a carousel, I was happy as a sock monkey could be! They were so fun when we went to to see the Seattle Storm basketball game, and together we could be more fun than a barrel of you-know-whats!

We did a little shopping and then headed straight for the carousel. There were some really nice people there, and they gave us free tickets to ride (I kept humming the Beatles song, but I think Samantha and Sean were too young to recognize it - or maybe I'm not a great hummer...). This is an annual event they have right next to the shopping - Kent Station. It's a beautiful carousel, with lovely horses. It was really fun. I had a great ride with Sean. He made sure that I did not fall off the horse.

After the ride, Samantha, Sean and I saw three other cool kids - Theodore, Simon, and Alvin. We posed for some pictures together. They didn't seem to want to do too much of anything, so we walked over to the other people there. Then I met this amazing pooch - his name was Moxie, and he was a one year old Chi-Pom. I don't what he thought of me, but I sure thought he was just plain awesome! He didn't have a lot to say either, and he seemed very toasty warm where he was!

It was getting a little cold, and I saw that people were getting cups of cider, hot cocoa or coffee. I went to the table, and these two very nice ladies were there from Umpqua Bank. They were sponsors of this tent where the carousel was, and they were in charge of helping folks get their hot beverages. Shawna and Rhonda were so nice because they helped me get my own cup of cocoa! They smiled a LOT and made me really happy.

Before we went back outside, Samantha and Sean gave Wendy her birthday present - a pair of sock monkey earmuffs! How cool was that? Actually, Wendy said they were pretty darn warm! She was giving me a ride so I could pretend I had two sock monkey friends with me. One of the bank ladies looked like I was giving HER a ride... but I wasn't!

Then I spied a Christmas tree, and I scampered up to see if I could get to one of the birdies out on a limb. The first few branches were a little hard, but it got easier. When I got to the branch with the bird and yelled, "Hey, Wendy! Lookee here!" Wendy was not happy with that, and she said, "It's time go, Ernie." 

When we got outside the tent, I saw some more trees, decorated with lights! They were so pretty! I zipped ahead and pretended I was an ornament in one tree. I don't think they saw me! Then I saw one more tree with all these lights on it, and with really really good branches that were screaming: "C'mon, Ernie! You can do it!" So I jumped up into it. That didn't turn out well, and Wendy caught me just before I hit the ground.

I was ready to go home after that. And so we did! It was nice to hang out with Samantha and Sean - and I cannot wait until the next adventure with them!

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  1. How fun!!!! He sure does get around. Happy New Year!