Sunday, November 14, 2010

HOOP there it is!

Ken has figured out that I sure do like to go to ball games. We had a blast with the Tigers and the Mariners when we went this summer. In September, he offered me the chance to go with him to see the Seattle Storm (women's professional basketball) play in the series against Atlanta. I was pretty excited and nearly beside myself when the told me that we'd be going with Mark, two Wendys, Samantha, and my way cool buddy, Sean! I love his hair! If I had hair, I'd like it spiked into a Mohawk, too!

Sean helped me sign the spirit banner at a table outside of Key Arena. I thought he was being helpful... until I saw the picture! Bunny ears! Honestly! Monkey ears would have been more like it! Then he and I tried to push this GINORMOUS basketball - but it was tethered down. 

We had to wait in a long line before going into the arena. There was a very nice lady there who was checking backpacks. She even checked mine. The first thing that Sean and I checked out when we got into the arena was not our seats... no, it was what kind of food did they have there! HOT PRETZELS! Mmmmmm! My favorite!
Before we took our seats, we took someone else's! We went down to the floor and sat in the "big shot" chairs, right on the floor. I took it a little farther and sat right ON the floor! Those players are TALL!
On the way to our seats, Wendy took me to meet some Storm fans - they were tooooo cute! Then Ken asked a guy - Eric - from ESPN if I could look through the camera to see what I would see on TV at home. He let me sit on his shoulders, hold on to his headphones and look through the camera, and pretend to be his assistant - I could not help yelling, "I'm a TV guy! I'm a TV guy!" It's probably a good thing he had his headphones on... 
Finally, we got to our seats. They were pretty high up, but really very fun! Sean and I played "Smash Each Other With Thundersticks" (it's a game we made up!). Then we settled down to watch the game. 
A great time was had by all - especially the Storm! THEY WON! They even went on to win the championship - could it because they had me - an official rally monkey - at that first game? Could be!

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