Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Take Your Sock Monkey to Work Days for me!

Well, being back from vacation has been a little boring. Mostly I have been sitting around watching Wendy make sock monkeys or get ready to do her training work. Ken has been going back and forth to work all the time. Both of them sigh a lot. I don't think I'd like to be a human and have to have a job. I like being a sock monkey, but - like I said - it has been a little boring.

I asked Wendy if I could go to work with her one day. Okay. I didn't ASK... I kept saying, "Can I come with you? Can I come with you? Can I come with you?" until she stopped sighing and said, "Okay, Ernie. Today you can come with me. Today we will pretend that it's Take Your Sock Monkey To Work Day!" I was SO excited to be going to work! Of course, I don't know what people do when they go to work, but it was exciting to get out of the house!

Wendy was doing a training for some awesome afterschool professionals who work for Kids Company here in Seattle. She thought I could be helpful as a Junior Trainer because it was a workshop on "play" - why humans need classes to learn about playing is beyond me! Anyway, I went to her class and the teachers really liked me. I was able to join in at the end of a puppet "experience" (whatever that is!). All of the teachers were way cool and friendly. I made new friends with two guys - Cortez and Brandon! Cortez let me sit with him during part of the workshop! Brandon's dad is from Michigan, so it's like he and I are almost cousins! We both wear hats and really big grins too!

The next day, Ken was going to go to Lowe's to get some "stuff" he needed to work on the place. WORK! Another chance to go to work! It seemed like saying "Can I come with you? Can I come with you? Can I come with you?" did the trick with Wendy, so I tried it with Ken... and off we went to Lowe's! 

I don't know if you have ever been to Lowe's, but it's SO much fun outside! Ken let me pretend to drive a giant lawn mower. That was fun - but what was even more fun was playing with the gear shift and then looking into the gas tank and yelling, "Helllllooooooo down there!" I cracked myself up! Ken was laughing too, even though later he told me it was a cup holder. I have a lot to learn...

On the way into the store, I saw all these beautiful flowers! And they were hanging on what looked like Monkey Bars! I love swinging on Monkey Bars, so I jumped away from Ken and started swinging from planter to planter. WOW was it fun. Well, it was fun until Ken told me to settle down and then put me in the shopping cart... with the seatbelt on. 

I think Wendy's work is more fun than Ken's! 

As a special treat, Wendy and Ken took me to an outdoor concert with them. It was at this very awesome place - Marymoor Park - to see Rodrigo y Gabriela, and there were so many people there! And kids, too! We were there early enough to eat some dinner and then wander around (they called it "people watching" but I don't see what's so special about that - I do that all the time!). After a while, we found our seats. Then we waited some more in these chairs. 

Then I decided to pretend that the band was on the stage and I tried to start a wave like at Comerica Park. But there were not enough people there to do the wave with me. Finally, I played a really fun game of hide and seek with Wendy. Well, it was fun to start with. I hid in the backpack and would peek out to see if she was looking for me. Ken was calling, "Ernie? Where's Ernie???" and we were all laughing. So I decided to hide really deep in the backpack. I found some cookies down there, and after I ate them, I realized I was sitting on Wendy's sweater. And it was nice, warm, dark, and comfy. I missed the concert because I was doing such a good job of hiding that I fell asleep!

One thing I learned about going to concerts - I'm not going to play hide and seek next time, I'll tell you that! 


  1. Great blog.....really enjoyed this! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Gotta love that little Ernie!! I just want to pat his little monkey tushie in that one picture! lol. Ernie has more adventures then I do! :D ;-)