Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Magic Kingdom Adventure, Part 2

The day we went to Disneyland started very, very early. I rushed through my breakfast, because I could not wait to get there! Wendy, Ken and I boarded a bus that was going to take us to Disneyland. I was so excited! I had everything I needed in my backpack... well, everything that would fit. I asked Ken to carry some of my other stuff. 

We got on the bus earlier than almost anyone else. It was great because I got to pick EXACTLY the chair I wanted to sit in. But it was also not so great because we had to wait and wait and wait for these other people and kids to get on the bus. I'm not really good at being patient, so I tried to find things to do....

I looked out the window, shouting, "HEY! I'M GOING TO DISNEYLAND!" for a while. Then I played peek-a-boo with Wendy and Ken. Then I saw a little girl a few rows ahead of us, and I was yelling to her, "HEY! I'M GOING TO DISNEYLAND!" until Wendy said, "Settle down, Ernie. We are ALL going to Disneyland." I don't like when she tells me to settle down when I'm all excited.
We got to the Disneyland Entrance and there was a big sign that told us that we were THERE! I loved the sign that they have over the arch as we walked into the park. They don't miss a thing here at the Magic Kingdom! I like the idea of being here today and entering the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy! Sounds like my kind of place!
I met Danielle in the City Hall. She was such a sweetie. She gave me a big pin that let everyone know that I was a 1st Time Visitor! Wendy and Ken did not get pins for being return visitors. I felt pretty special - but I didn't want to tell them all that this pin was very, very heavy! I met a lot of Disney characters in the town square. It was so fun, and they were very friendly and cuddly. Except for Chip the Chipmunk who held me by my ear like I had cooties or something (you probably saw that picture in Part 1). 

We had a great time on Main Street. I love shopping, and there were lots and lots of stores. Mickey Mouse is all over the place, and I met a mess o'Mickeys in one store. There was a really nice guy who worked there, and he helped me find Woody and Jessie (who you saw in Part 1). Then I met Charles who is a very, very cool artist! He paints these pictures of Disney characters that end up on the faces of watches! (I don't understand how they get on the watch faces when the paintings are so big. The watches must be much larger than I could ever wear!) When we met him, he was working on a pretty picture of Lady and the Tramp. Ken and Charles got into a conversation about art - because, you know, Ken is an artist, too. It was interesting for a while, but I don't paint, so I got bored. Charles was very sweet, and I think he knew that I was bored. He joked with me while he posed for a picture!
After we shopped around and I sang with Woody and Jessie, I was ready to go back outside on Main Street. I saw that there was a movie theatre - but they called it a "cinema." I tried to get a ticket so I could watch Mickey in action. The lady in the booth turned out to be a real dummy. I don't mean she wasn't smart! Oh, no! I mean she was not a real person, just a giant doll, I guess! Instead of going inside to see Mickey Mouse, I stood outside and played a fun game of "Simon Says" with Mickey. While we were playing, this very cool lady named Joan came up to see us, saying, "I LOVE SOCK MONKEYS!" Her daughter, Jenny, was with her and said, "SHE DOES! I just bought a calendar for her!" I had hoped it was MY calendar, but no, it was another. Anyway, Joan and Jenny posed for a picture of me. I like Joan a lot! She is a real doll, not a dummy at all!
We were back in the town square, and Wendy asked me if I wanted to meet more Disney characters. The Red Queen and Dale were there, and while I would have liked to meet Dale, I was not too thrilled about that mean looking Queen! I was so excited about being at the park that I decided I would much rather just monkey around! I found a place to hang upside down (you know how much I love hanging upside down!). And then I saw these BEAUTIFUL flowers! I asked Ken to take my picture near the flowers, and then I decided to sit right down inside of the garden! It was very fun... until I realized that there were a LOT of bees buzzing around the flowers. I was relieved when Ken said, "Okay, Ernie, let's go to see the castle!" Whew! That was a close one!
The castle is at the end of Main Street. It is huge and so beautiful! I thought it would make a good hat, if it were smaller, so I asked Wendy and Ken to take my picture with it like it was on my head! I am so funny sometimes! I crack me up. Then I found a nice place to sit and watch people as they came up to the castle. It was very relaxing, and there were no bees there. After that, we started to go to Tomorrowland, but those rides were too scary for me. We did go to see Captain EO, starring one of my favorites - Michael Jackson! I wore 3D glasses and rocked out to the King of Pop. I want to dance like Michael.
Stay tuned for the final installment of this Disneyland adventure, when I explore Pooh Corner, see some very cool boats, visit Frontierland, and meet a whole lot more friends! Tah-tah for now!


  1. Hi Monkey friends my name is Mary its Saturday the 22nd Its my birthday today and im getting ready to go back to Disneyland today and i was looking for my picture with the monkey but its not there, im one of the two girls you took the photo of me and the monkey in the monarail boarding from disney walk area hope your still going to post it/ hope you had a good time visiting California.

  2. Hi, Mary!!!!

    Part 3 is getting posted this weekend! We had a LOT of pictures - yours included! Happy Birthday from Ernie, Wendy & Ken! And thanks again for talking with us on the monorail!

    Make sure the Mad Hatter wishes you a very HAPPY birthday (not UNbirthday!)