Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Magic Kingdom Adventure, Part 1

Ken, Wendy and I took a trip to Disneyland to see if this place really IS the Magic Kingdom - the happiest place on Earth. And it IS!!! WOW! Did we have fun! I met so many new friends. I met a lady who LOVES LOVES LOVES sock monkeys, and when she saw me later on posing for a picture, she cried out, "HI, ERNIE!" How exciting to make new friends and be recognized! I felt kind of like how Mickey Mouse must feel when someone shouts out, "HI, MICKEY!" - except that I didn't have a lot of people lining up to take their picture with me...
I met a lot of Disney folks there. Wendy and Ken would introduce me, explain that I have this way cool blog, and ask them to hold me. Every single one of them said YES! Here are some pictures of me and some new "character" friends. I think you will know who most of them are. My favorite was The Mad Hatter. He had great fun with me (or made great fun of me?) - and my favorite part was when he raised me skyward and pretended we were in The Lion King. My least favorite part was when after he handed me back to Wendy, he wiped his hands clean on Alice's apron! Later on, when we were getting off his very own ride - the Mad Hatter's Teacups - there he was! And he shouted out to us, "Where's Ernie's backpack?" He NOTICED that I had taken it off! How completely cool was that! The Mad Hatter actually noticed my outfit! Well, here are some photos of a lot of my new friends....
The Mad Hatter and Alice in Wonderland strike a pose with me!

Woody, Jessie & me singing "You've Got A Friend in Me"!

Stay tuned, Mouseketeers, for another posting of more of my Disneyland adventures... and you'll see more of the park and more of my friends!


  1. I love Disneyland!!! Looks like a fun time was had by Ernie and all! Lookin' good everyone!

  2. OH, Cheryl! WAIT until you see Part 2! Best days of my life!